Weed Hook | Weeder | Long Handle | Cobra | Interchangeable | Hoe
Weed Hook | Weeder | Long Handle | Cobra | Interchangeable | Hoe
Weed Hook | Weeder | Long Handle | Cobra | Interchangeable | Hoe

Weed Hook

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Weed Hook head for the Mutineer

Mutineer head required for use and is not included.

The Weed Hook is for larger weeds and comes either with a Forked or Arrow point. Great for when you are walking around cultivating and come upon larger weeds that need to be removed by the root.

It is all stainless steel, built for a lifetime of use.

Patented US-11849656 US-11363752

The Mutineer

The Last Hoe You Will Ever Need
One hoe to rule them all

Mutineer Interchangeable Hoe

The Mutineer hoe was developed by Conor Crickmore.

The invention and manufacture of the mutineer gave farmers access, for the first time, to a hoe that quickly and easily switches between these precision cultivating heads - colinears, wire weeders, multi-row toolbar and torsions.

You need only one handle while carrying multiple light heads with you into the field.

A Head for Every Situation

Match HOE to Row Width

Wire Hoes / Weeders

Wire Weeders are a fast and efficient cultivating tool that is safe to use next to seedlings and in tight rows. There is a pacifist wire weeder mutineer head for every situation.

Note - Any steel wire is broken by repeatedly forcing it to bend in alternating directions. If you avoid bending, the stainless steel wire will last a lifetime.

Colinear Head

Gets Under Crops and Hoses
all stainless

Weed Hook

Great for more established weeds.

The Rebellion

Toolbar for The Mutineer

Videos on Weed Management

For more information about Farm and Garden Cultivating and our Tools, check out our YouTube Mutineer playlist.

The Mutineer Explained

with conor crickmore

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