LowCat Perforated Poly Covering | Low Tunnel
LowCat Perforated Poly Covering | Low Tunnel
LowCat Perforated Poly Covering | Low Tunnel

LowCat™ Perforated Poly Covering

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This poly is custom made for LowCat Tunnels by our great partner in China who specialize in making high quality agricultural coverings.

The poly is perforated with holes along each side for ventilation. This is a necessity as the early morning sun can heat up a poly covered tunnel very quickly. The LowCat Poly comes in two thicknesses;

0.8 mil - Economical and lightweight for short term use.

1.5 mil - Medium weight for multiseason use.

Poly size is only available for regular height LowCat Tunnels currently.

Perfectly sized for LowCat Tunnels, which are not included but sold separately.

The LowCat™

Low Tunnel Hoops

Apply For NRCS Funding for your LowCat Purchase

The NRCS department of the USDA can help reimburse your purchase of a LowCat tunnel and covering. It is pretty easy to apply. Just reach out to your local NRCS representative. To find yours, CLICK HERE, and select your state and county. Your rep can walk you through it.

LowCats exceed the NRCS requirements.

CLICK HERE for The LowCat Technical Sheet to give your NRCS Rep.

NRCS cost share contribution

1000 square feet or less - $4 to $5 per square foot

1000 to 5000 square feet - $1 to $2 per square foot.

Historically Underserved Farmers can get higher rates.

Most states have signed on to the program. To find out if your state participates, talk to your NCRS representative. The EQIP reimbursement practice code for Low Tunnels is 821. Example reimbursement rates for Georgia can be found HERE. Scroll to the bottom of the document.

It is important to contact your local NRCS representative for accurate information and to check whether your state participates. CLICK HERE, and select your state and county. Your rep can walk you through it.

LowCat Coverings

Professional Quality

All LowCat coverings are the best quality available and they are engineered for commercial farm operations.


Works with all Coverings

Tunnel can be covered with

  • Clear poly
  • Insect netting
  • Shade Cloth
  • Row cover

Coverings can be combined and layered.

LowCat Advantages

  • The LowCat's unique patent pending design makes it easy to move around the farm and extremely fast to set up.
  • There are no bulky and awkward hoops to carry around.
  • It is self tightening so coverings stays taut making it the low tunnel with the best protection from the wind. 
  • The Arch is stainless steel which will not rust.
  • Many coverings can be layered and combined.
  • Using a riser, The LowCat height can be extended for taller crops.
  • Sides slide up and down without ripping.

Hands Free Installation

The only low tunnel where you need not carry hoops.

The LowCat bag keeps your hands free during set up and holds 100' of tunnel. Easy to store and carry.

Raise and Lower Sides

Harvest and Vent the LowCat with ease. Sides slide up or down and stay in place. Perfect for the high production small scale market farm.

Extra Secure Covering

Unique to the LowCat, you have the option of slipping the covering over the bottom ring which provides even stronger holding against high wind. It also holds the covering taut to the ground to prevent intrusion by wind or insects. Note: Care should be taken with lighter coverings.

Field LowCat Hoop | Low Tunnel
Coverings Stay Tight

High Wind Resistance

Low tunnels fail when wind is allowed to enter. Wind resistance is directly related to the tightness of the covering, the covering you choose, and the distance between hoops.

Other low tunnels require regular stretching of covering from the ends which is difficult and inconvenient.

The unique feature of the LowCats Shock Cord means that the covering stays tight without intervention.

This results in a better look, easier setup, and much greater wind resistance.

While low tunnels have their limits, the LowCat has the highest wind protection of them all.

More Information

LowCat Videos

For more about installing and using LowCat tunnels check out our YouTube LowCat playlist.

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