Gridder Spool
Spool Gridder | Dibbler | Rolling Bed
Spool Gridder | Dibbler | Rolling Bed
Spool Gridder | Dibbler | Rolling Bed
Spool Gridder | Dibbler | Rolling Bed
Spool Gridder | Dibbler | Rolling Cover Crop Crimper
Spool Gridder | Dibbler | Rolling Bed

Gridder Spool

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Perfectly lays out rows on a 30" bed to give each plant the ideal amount space. Many plant spacings can be achieved with one spool using the corners, sides, and the middle of grid squares.

This is the spool only - Handle needed for correct operation

The Gridder

Plant Spacing Made Easy
created by conor crickmore

The Gridder

Easy, quick, and perfectly straight plantings every time. This ensures even growth and fast cultivation.

The gridder is a rolling dibbler used to lay out or create a grid for your plantings. It is also used to make straight lines before direct seeding or using a paperpot transplanter.

Essential Tool

On The Market Farm

Gridder Spool Spacing

Even and straight plantings are more productive and easier to cultivate.

The gridder creates straight, evenly spaced plantings on a 30" bed. Each spool is related to the number of rows you intend to plant. The spool will divide the bed evenly by that number of rows. Two row spool - 30” bed /2 rows = 15”. A 2 row spool marks rows 15” apart in the bed. Obviously in-row spacing and row spacing are identical for even plantings.

3 rows on a 30" bed (30/3=10") Rows are spaced 10" apart.

4 rows on a 30" bed (30/4=7.5") Rows are 7.5" apart

Roller Crimper

Multi Use

Dibble Spikes

No tools required. No Bolts or Screws. These stainless steel dibbles are great for plastic mulch and hard soils.

worker communication


Post your own planting chart to communicate simply and easily your standard planting distances.

Download Flower Spacing

Download Vegetable Spacing

Gridder Plant Spacing Chart

Gridder Blank Chart

The Gridder Explained

With Conor Crickmore

The Gridder

For more information on using the Gridder on your farm, check out our Youtube Gridder Playlist.

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