Gridder Handle Extended Spool Holder
Gridder Handle Extended Spool Holder

Gridder Handle Extended Spool Holder

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These spool holders are necessary extensions to use the Gridder Dibble Spikes. They are only compatible with the recent Gridder handle configuration. If you purchased your handle in the last year than these will work for you. If you are unsure, then contact us with your order number and pictures of your handle and we can let you know.

Rest of handle not included

The Gridder

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The Gridder

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Plant Spacing

Even and straight plantings are more productive and easier to cultivate.

The gridder creates perfect, evenly spaced plantings on a 30" bed. Each spool is related to the number of rows you intend to plant on the bed. Thus when you wish to plant two rows, you would use a 2 row spool.

To figure out standard plant spacing, you need only divide the bed by the number of rows. So for 2 rows, the calculation is 30” bed /2 rows = 15”. Thus a 2 row spool spaces plantings 15” apart in the bed. Obviously in-row spacing and row spacing are identical for even plantings.

You can now figure out any spacing, but doing the calculation is completely unnecessary as the Gridder will perfectly space your plantings.

3 rows on a 30" bed (30/3=10") Rows are 10" apart.

4 rows on a 30" bed (30/4=7.5") Rows are 7.5" apart


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