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Aquifer Gardener Complete Sprinkler Stand

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The Aquifer is simply the best irrigation solution, that I have found, for small scale farms and gardens. Since it is made of poly and brass it will last a very long time and there is no rust to clog the sprinkler. The slim design means that it doesn't get in the way when walking or cultivating in the paths. Stand is 25" high.

The Gardener is not compatible out of the box with the Aquifer Farmer Kits. It has normal garden hose fittings. 

Gardener is shipped complete with stand, wobbler sprinkler, stake and hardware.

Aquifer Gardener

Simple and Effective Irrigation for the Home Gardener
the best sprinkler head


Wobblers are the best sprinkler head available as they operate well in a large pressure range and water evenly every time with an adequate water source.

Each sprinkler head (Senniger Xcel Wobbler with a gray #9 9/64" nozzle) specifications are as follows;

Pressure - Flow (gpm) - Diameter at 1.5 ft

  • 10 psi - 1.815 - 44
  • 15 psi - 2.2 - 472
  • 0 psi - 2.54 - 50.5
  • 25 psi - 2.84 - 52.5

Max Pressure is 85 psi though flow and spray diameter will cap at 2.8 gpm and 52 ft for each wobbler. No pressure regulator is needed. Expect to need 2.5gpm of flow for each wobbler.

Market Farm Irrigation | Wobbler Stand Setup | Watering

Aquifer Versions Compared

Gardener vs Farmer
Ready to Go


Stands are outfitted with all necessary brass fittings, steel stepping stake, and a sprinkler wobbler head. They can be used in a series but also as a single with the included end cap. A single stand will cover a 25' x 25' area at 20psi

It is built to last for many years. A 3/4" or 5/8" garden hose is all that is needed and is not included.

Don't Be Stuck Short

Adjustable Height

With most systems, you are stuck with one short height. The aquifer rising doubles the height of your sprinkler stand.

Aquifer Gardener Explained

With Conor Crickmore

Videos on Irrigation

For more information about Farm and Garden Irrigation and our Tools, check out our YouTube Aquifer playlist.

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