Hook and Wicket Trellising | Tomato | Cucumber
Hook and Wicket Trellising | Tomato | Cucumber
Hook and Wicket Trellising | Tomato | Cucumber
Tomato Wicket | QLIPR | Hook and Wicket | Clip | Trellising
Tomato Wicket | QLIPR | Hook and Wicket | Clip | Trellising

Trellis Wicket Kit

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The Wicket trellis system is used for tomatoes and cucumbers. Hook and Wicket trellising was developed at Neversink Farm for small scale growers.

Wickets can be combined with any lower and lean Hook system (Qlipr Hook, Roller Hook, or Tomahook) to avoid the problematic "leaning" portion of the lower and lean method. Rather the tomato or cucumber vines are laid or layered on top of wickets. The vine never leans but is lowered and moved. This reduces unnecessary time and effort as well as stress on the plant, while keeping fruits and vines off the ground.

Wickets are zinc plated heavy duty 6mm steel. Each wicket is made of three pieces. A pack of 11 weighs over 15 pounds.

Wickets should be placed at minimum every 20” within the row

For 30 inch Bed you would use a 24" Wicket

For 40 inch Bed you would use a 34" Wicket

Wickets come in packs of 11.

Hook and Wicket

Fast and Easy Trellising

Hook and Wicket

This system was developed at Neversink Farm by adapting proven large scale systems for the small scale grower.

You can combine Wickets with any vine lowering system (Qlipr Hooks, Roller Hooks and TomaHooks) to convert a lower and lean system to The Hook and Wicket.

Leaning causes stress to the plant and your trellis support. Also the fruit just ends up on the ground anyway.

When you incorporate wickets, leaning is unnecessary and trellising is much easier and faster. Your tomatoes are off the ground and easy to harvest.

High Production for the entire season from one cucumber planting using QLIPR Hook and Wicket


Trellis Support

QLIPR Hooks without wickets - A heavy duty wire support that is extremely well installed and reinforced is necessary to lower and lean.

Hook and Wicket - Cheap 1/2” emt tubing can be laid on the trusses.

Hook and Wicket | Lower and Lean | Compared | What is the difference

Selecting your Hook

Hook length is based on the distance from the ground to your trellising support wire or pipe. Use the chart to find the ideal hook for your situation. Same hook length for Tomato or Cucumber.

The goal is to create a comfortable working height. The chart will set the bottom of the hook at 45 to 53" off the ground when using 1/2" emt pipe. Add 2" if using wire.

Hook and Wicket | QLIPR | Tomato Trellising | Indoor | Greenhouse | Lower and Lean

"If your workers are on ladders or step stools when trellising then you are burning money" - Conor Crickmore

Hook and Wicket | QLIPR | Tomato Trellising | Hard Prune | Greenhouse | Lower and Lean
Labor Saving

High Efficiency

Conor switched Neversink Farm to this system more than a decade ago and has never looked back. Conor was looking to greatly increase production of his tomatoes. The major hurdle was that he and the workers were spending far too long trellising and lowering tomatoes every week. The Qlipr system solved that and now in just half a day one person can trellis the entire tomato house which is 100'x30'.

Hook and Wicket Explained

with conor crickmore

Videos on Trellising

For more information about the QLIPR system, Hook and Wicket or Setting up your own trellising, check out our YouTube Trellising playlist.

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