Paperpot Transplanter | Narrow Wheel Kit | Subversive | Neversink Farm | Paper Chain Planter
Paperpot Transplanter | Narrow Wheel Kit | Subversive | Neversink Farm | Paper Chain Planter

Subversive Tight Row Kit

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The tight row kit allows the Subversive Transplanter to plant 12 rows or tighter on a 30” bed. Patent Pending. 

The Subversive

Designed Specially for Mixed Vegetables


Organic - The USDA National Organic Program added paper pots to approved substance list for use by certified organic farms in the United States. Paper Chain Pots were added to the approved list in November 2022.

Reliability - The subversive is the most dependable at planting chain pots equally well in both hard and soft soil. The patented chute design using unbreakable composite material makes sure pots are correctly planted every time.

Adaptability - The subversive quickly changes to a tight row transplanter so that farmers can plant 12 or more rows on a 30" bed.

Transportability - Previous versions were bulky, heavy, and awkward to carry around the farm at 26 lbs plus. The subversive is a light 19 lbs, and perfectly balanced with the handle in the correct position.

Longevity - There is no steel sheet metal to warp and rust. The subversive is made of extremely durable composite, stainless steel, and powder coated steel pipe.

$250 Off with Trade in

If you have an old style paperpot transplanter that is rusty, warped, just doesn't work well, or maybe you just want to upgrade to something lighter and more dependable, then you can trade it in for a new Subversive and get a huge discount. Contact us for details

Tighter Planting

Guide Wheels

Easily slide in to allow very tight planting.

Closing Wheels

Optional Narrow closing wheel allows 12 rows or tighter on a 30" bed (sold seperately)

Easy to Transport

Light and maneuverable
Unique Pull Handle Design Allows Transplanter

Stored Standing Up

Reliable Results

Every Time

Classic Position

Close to the Action Position

Educational Videos

Paperpot System

For more information on using paperpots, check out our YouTube Paperpot Video channel.

The Subversive Explained

with conor crickmore
Extremely Durable


Subversive composite parts are designed and manufactured with the latest technology. They are guaranteed to hold up to extreme farm use. They are guaranteed for five years against breakage.

Winstrip | Never Break | Guarantee | Heavy duty seed start tray



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