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Adjustable Regulator

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Pairs well with

We highly recommend using a regulator with your flame weeder. This adjustable regulator is our choice as we feel it is the highest quality produced.

The Flame Shroud

the simplest flame weeder solution
Bad for Weeds but..

Will Not Hurt Soil Life

Soil is an excellent insulator so flaming does not affect the life within your soil. Flaming and planting is the choice at Neversink rather than plastic mulch.

The Flame Explained

With Conor Crickmore
The Flame

What is Needed?

Tank - 10lb Tank recommended or smaller

Torch - We have tested these torches and find they fit in the hood. We have not tested any other torches.

400k btu - Preferred

100k btu - Tested

Regulator - A must-have to control propane. We sell the best.

Backpack - Any comfortable backpack works in this situation as long as the tank fits.

Flame Weeding Tips

With Conor Crickmore
Squeeze Valve

Must Have

This valve enables you to light and transport the flame weeder with a low adjustable pilot flame. When the handle is depressed, your regulator flame setting is then fully engaged. A squeeze valve is safer and also more efficient.

Flame Weeder Essentials

with conor crickmore

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