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Aquifer Farmer Wobbler Stand

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The Aquifer Farmer Stand has powerloc fittings for 3/4" poly mainline and is used with 1/2" wobbler sprinkler. Since it is made of heavy duty bpa-free poly, it will last for many, ,many years. Stand is 25" high.

No ground stake or wobbler is included.

Aquifer Farmer Kits

affordable and simple irrigation solution

Built to Last

Aquifer Stands are guaranteed against breakage for five years. See terms

Winstrip | Never Break | Guarantee | Heavy duty seed start tray

The Aquifer is the Solution to Drip Tape Problems

Drip Tape Problems | Fix Irrigation | Watering Issues

Uneven Watering

Drip waters both the surface of your soil and the root zone unevenly. This creates serious problems with germination and growth.

Aquifers water evenly every time.

Drip Tape Problems | Fix Irrigation | Watering Issues


Drip can take all day to saturate an entire bed. Since it is so uneven, drip may never completely irrigate your soil.

Aquifers completely water a bed in 10 to 15 minutes depending on your plumbing and water source.

Drip Tape Problems | Fix Irrigation | Watering Issues


Drip needs to be stored for the winter. Drip is fragile and needs to be repaired constantly. Drip is always in the way of culitivation.

Aquifers can stay in the field year round and require no maintenance and are out of the way.

Just Minutes to Instal

No special Tools Required
the best sprinkler head


Wobblers are the best sprinkler head available as they operate well in a large pressure range and water evenly every time with an adequate water source.

Each sprinkler head (Senniger Xcel Wobbler with a gray #9 9/64" nozzle) specifications are as follows;

Pressure - Flow (gpm) - Diameter at 1.5 ft

  • 10 psi - 1.815 - 44
  • 15 psi - 2.2 - 472
  • 0 psi - 2.54 - 50.5
  • 25 psi - 2.84 - 52.5

Max Pressure is 85 psi though flow and spray diameter will cap at 2.8 gpm and 52 ft for each wobbler. No pressure regulator is needed. Expect to need 2.5gpm of flow for each wobbler.

Market Farm Irrigation | Wobbler Stand Setup | Watering
Don't Be Stuck Short

Adjustable Height

With most systems, you are stuck with one short height. The aquifer rising doubles the height of your sprinkler stand.

Easy To Drain

Farm Irrigation | Wheel Hoe | Neversink Farm

Out of the Way

You can cultivate your paths and more importantly walk down your paths, because the Aquifer System takes up very little space.

Aquifer Wobbler Stand | Market Farm Irrigation | Watering

Heavy Duty Pipe

The pipe is heavy duty that will take a beating from tools year after year and will not leak. Also, there are no pvc parts which get brittle and crack in sunlight.

Aquifer Wobbler Stand | Market Farm Irrigation | Watering

Out of the Way

The Aquifer Farmer Explained

With Conor Crickmore

Videos on Irrigation

For more information about Farm and Garden Irrigation and our Tools, check out our YouTube Aquifer playlist.

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