Propane Squeeze Valve | Wand | Weeder | Torch | Propane
Propane Squeeze Valve | Wand | Weeder | Torch | Propane
Propane Squeeze Valve | Wand | Weeder | Torch | Propane

Squeeze Valve

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We highly recommend using a squeeze valve with your flame weeder. This valve enables you to light and transport the flame weeder with an adjustable pilot fame. When the handle is depressed, your regulator flame setting is then engaged. A squeeze valve is safer and also more efficient.

Add this to your Hand-held or Backpack Flamer to regulate fuel release and to help keep your tank from freezing. Fits most flame weeders.

  • All-brass squeeze valve has an adjustable pilot.
  • Save money and time with this addition.
  • Manufactured and designed by Neversink Farm
  • Inferno Flame Weeder

    Your Primary Weapon Against Weeds

    With the Inferno, you need only supply the Tank and a backpack. We do highly recommend using a regulator as well as a squeeze valve with any flame weeder. Our recommended regulator is bundled above.


    Easy to Transport

    bad for weeds

    Will not Hurt the Soil Life

    Easy to Use

    Quick setup

    Built to Last

    Hood is all super heavy duty stainless steel. Manifold is powder coated steel and shaft is stainless. It is built to last for many, many years.

    Wheel Choice

    Both wheel choices are Aluminum. Expanded mesh wheel provides a rougher seedbed surface as opposed to the smooth wheel. Smooth wheel is the more durable option. Both wheels are great choices.


    Comes standard with tank connection, on/off valve, hose and stainless handle. Regulator and squeeze valve are highly recommended.

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    Squeeze Valve

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    Always use a flame weeder with a regulator and a squeeze valve. Do not trap unlit propane under the hood. Keep temperatures low. Weeds die at 160 F. Using a flame weeder at higher temperatures will not be more effective but it will damage the tool and is dangerous. When in doubt, turn the temperature way down. Watch all of our instructional videos before use.