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Mutineer and Rebellion Master Kit

Precio habitual €503,95

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This is the perfect kit to get started with the Mutineer Hoe with The Rebellion toolbar and includes;

  • Two Mutineer Heads (No wood handles)
  • Colinear Hoe Kit
  • Rebellion Wire Kit
  • Perfectionist Wire Hoe Kit
  • Torsion Wire Heads (2 Small, 2 Large)
  • Rebellion
  • 8” Pacifist Wire Hoe

Set also includes Carabiners for keeping them all with you in the field.

This kit does not include wooden handles  

The Mutineer

The Last Hoe You Will Ever Need

One hoe to rule them all

Mutineer Interchangeable Hoe

A Head for Every Situation

Match Row Width to your Head


Wire Hoes / Weeders

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Colinear Head

Gets Under Crops and Hoses

Close Cultivation

Torsion Heads

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The Rebellion

Toolbar for The Mutineer


Videos on Weed Management

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Very Innovative

Farmer Wire Hoe Hacks

all stainless

Weed Hook

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The Mutineer Explained

with conor crickmore

The Mutineer system is patented in Canada and The United States