Hose Male Connector Mainline

Hose Male Connector Mainline

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Fitting to connect mainline poly to hose female hose swivel.

Aquifer Farmer Kits

affordable and simple irrigation solution

The Aquifer is the Solution to Drip Tape Problems

Drip Tape Problems | Fix Irrigation | Watering Issues

Uneven Watering

Drip waters both the surface of your soil and the root zone unevenly. This creates serious problems with germination and growth.

Aquifers water evenly every time.

Drip Tape Problems | Fix Irrigation | Watering Issues


Drip can take all day to saturate an entire bed. Since it is so uneven, drip may never completely irrigate your soil.

Aquifers completely water a bed in 10 to 15 minutes depending on your plumbing and water source.

Drip Tape Problems | Fix Irrigation | Watering Issues

Maintenance Issues

Drip needs to be stored for the winter. Drip is fragile and needs to be repaired constantly. Drip is always in the way of culitivation.

Aquifers can stay in the field year round and require no maintenance and are out of the way.

Easy Setup

No Special Tools Required

Many systems require a punch tool which are difficult to use and prone to error and leaks. Powerloc fittings do not need tools and they are watertight. You need only a knife or scissor to cut the mainline. You will be irrigating in minutes.

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Market Farm Irrigation | Wobbler Stand Setup | Watering

Simple Installation

Just Minutes to Setup

Don't Be Stuck Short

Adjustable Height

Aquifer Rising

Easy To Drain

Farm Irrigation | Wheel Hoe | Neversink Farm

Out of the Way

You can still cultivate your paths and more importantly walk down your paths. The Aquifer System takes up very little space.

Aquifer Wobbler Stand | Market Farm Irrigation | Watering

Stainless Steel Stepping Stake

Each stand includes a stainless steel stake which can be pushed down to any depth and will hold your sprinkler stands firm. They are also easy to install and remove.

Aquifer Wobbler Stand | Market Farm Irrigation | Watering

Heavy Duty Pipe

The pipe is heavy duty that will take a beating from tools year after year and will not leak. Also, there are no pvc parts which get brittle and crack in sunlight.


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