What is a Stirrup Hoe? How do I use it?

Stirrup Hoe | Oscillating | Hula | Scuffle | Weeder | Cultivator

A stirrup hoe, sometimes called a hula, oscillating, or  scuffle hoe is one of the most popular hoes / weeders to remove weeds in the garden or on the farm. It is the perfect tool for established stubborn weeds like grass and any perennial weeds. It is important to note however that cutting of the root and leaving it in the ground may mean that the weed will regrow.

Stirrup Hoe | Scuffle | Hula | WeederHow to use it? The stirrup is design to push and pull with the handle at angle away from the user. Running the oscillating head back and forth not only removes weeds but adds air to soil. Some farmers use this tool to remove old crops, like spinach or lettuce before replanting.

Where should it not be used? After the larger, stubborn weeds have been removed, a precision cultivator is prefered. A precision cultivator is a wire weeder or colinear hoe. Once large weeds are gone, attacking thread stage (just germinated) weeds are the goal and a less severe is better.


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