Tshirt | Mutineer | Neversink Farm | Natural Indigo
Tshirt | Rebellion | Neversink Farm | Natural Indigo
Tshirt | Iconoclast | Neversink Farm | Natural Indigo
Tshirt | No Till | Neversink Farm | Natural Indigo

T-Shirt - Mutineers - Natural Indigo

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100% Natural Indigo Dye from Indigo Flowers  Hand dyed

Organic Cotton

Shortsightedly convenient and inexpensive petroleum-based dyes, and exploited garment manufacturing labor, has largely replaced the sustainable craft of milled organic cotton, colored with natural dyes. This shift has spoiled the natural world for more than a century, causing drastic consequences to garment workers and our environment.

We offer this natural indigo shirt as an alternative. Unlike petroleum dyes, hand dyed Indigo produce an uneven appearance and is considered part of the desired aesthetic. No two shirts will appear the same. Without synthetic setting chemicals, the shirts will also fade unevenly.