Bunch Cleaning Wall Mount with Pedal
Bunch Cleaning Wall Mount with Pedal
Bunch Cleaning Wall Mount with Pedal

Bunch Cleaning Wall Mount with Pedal

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Enhance your washing experience with our industrial quality Bunch Washing Wall Mount with Pedal! No more heavy guns and hoses to carry around. Simply attach to a water hose, turn on and off the water with your foot, and enjoy hands-free vegetable washing. Interchangeable quick exchange nozzles. Includes a pedal to lock valve in the "on" position. Save water and time. 

Pedal assembly is stainless steel with brass fittings and hose included. Arm is all stainless steel. Normal garden hose connection.

Comes standard with a flat fan 25 degree nozzle. Others sold separately.

Length of the Wash Stand arm - 17 ⅞ “

Pedal cannot be used with wash down gun.

Greens Bubbler

wash greens

Gently, Yet Thoroughly

Bubble washer creates gentle circulating currents with tiny bubbles to gently, yet thoroughly, wash your greens.

Our Greens Bubbler

  • Stainless easy to clean bubbler means no bacterial or algae growth
  • Full rotation of product through water for quick and complete cleaning
  • 100 gallon tank can wash 20 gallons of greens easily at one time.
  • No pipes to trap greens under between washings
  • Works in a variety of tank setups.

PVC DIY issues

  • Encourages growth of algae and biofilm inside pipes which are next to impossible to clean
  • Even bubbling so greens stay on the surface preventing dirt removal
  • Little to No downward rotation through the water means very few greens can be washed at one time.
  • Pipes trap greens resulting in greens being mixed from load to load
  • Specific to one setup

Greens Spinner

Dry Greens

Fast and Efficiently

The Ultimate Greens Spinner that is required equipment on any farm selling salad greens for profit.

Root Wash Stand

Hands Free

Bunch Washing

Free yourself from a heavy wash gun and hose! Using both hands for bunch washing is pleasant and fast. Pack hundreds of beautiful bunches a day with less fatigue.

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