Free shipping for orders over $200 applies to orders shipped within the contiguous United States with the exception of remote locations. We can ship to the closest non-remote location for pickup. We define remote locations as any address which requires large fees for the last leg of shipping and can include but is not limited to, places without roads or requires boat travel. Freight shipping is limited to $500 per pallet. Any amount over that is the responsibility of the customer.

Free shipping covers only products normally sold through and in the lot sizes available on the website. Special and custom orders do not apply. Lot sizes that are not available on the website do not apply.

We are not responsible for packages once we hand them over to the shipping company. We are not responsible for extra shipping charges due to items being returned by the shipper for any reason, including bad or incorrect address, non delivery, lost package, address not on carrier route, and carrier unable to locate your address. If packages are returned then the customer is responsible for the shipping costs. We ship by common carrier UPS, USPS, FEDEX and Freight. 

International (Outside the United States) - If we ship the item directly to you from United States then you are responsible for all local VAT, Import Taxes, and any Duties. Any item returned due to nonpayment of those fees or undeliverable for any reason, we do not refund any shipping charges or expenses paid by us  

We make no guarantees about shipping times as they are controlled by the shipper. We do not provide refunds due to shipping delays, damage or for any other reason due to shipping problems.

We reserve the right to choose the shipping carrier based on the address, shipping time and cost.


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